Making Smart Sauce


We’ve been building great software the smart sauce way for over a decade with our unique mix of technology, business and cognitive science backgrounds. We aim to create web and mobile products that delight your users - at a fraction of the cost of full onshore/local teams.

What's Smart Sauce?

Smart Sauce is our modern take on the agile development methodology, using a hybrid onshore-offshore team process. With this unique approach, we’ve helped companies develop great software at affordable rates. Smart Sauce means top quality, competitive pricing, scalability and efficiency you can count on.

We have teams ready to take on your projects and California-based project managers to oversee the efforts. Dream it! We’ll build it!

How we work?

Every project is different and every need is unique. We start with a conversation to understand your needs, expectations and goals. We can help at any stage of the project whether it be idea refinement, design, engineering, maintenance or content. Once we agree on project scope and timing, we’ll begin crafting your deliverables. You’ll have a California-based point of contact and regular updates so you are always in the know as you wait your final product.

What's the cost?

When we first start working together, we do our best to give you an accurate estimate upfront. We then charge an hourly rate and provide you with weekly updates on how we are doing against the provided estimates and alert you right away if we think we may be going over the estimate.

Simple pricing